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DATE:  February 13, 2016, Saturday
EVENT:  "The Higher Self Voice on Self Help" Meetup
TIME:  10:30am to Noon
LOCATION:  Private Residence in North Hollywood CA
(address & directions will be emailed to you once registration is complete)
COST:  $10 registration
TOPIC:  Individual Readings and Healings

This Meetup will be devoted to a specific issue that each attendee is currently struggling with.  I request that each attendee come to the group with one thing you wish to clarify, resolve, Neutralize, etc. I will go into frequency and bring in the Higher Self viewpoint and energy in order to bring in answers and healing. In essence this will be a short Higher Self personal session for each attendee. Whether it be a chronic problem you have experienced for years or a major crisis that has just erupted in your life, I will address that issue.
You will ABSOLUTELY benefit from the healing when someone else is being worked on. We are all part of the human condition and carry almost every issue even if our own unique mix of patterns seem so different from someone else's. Therefore, there will be a series of healings on a variety of patterns, all of which will benefit everyone in the room. This Meetup will bring the insight, release, movement forward and help you have been looking for.

This Meetup is being held at Janet's home in North Hollywood CA. Once you've completed registration, the address and directions will be emailed to you. This Meetup is from 10:30am to Noon. Please arrive before 10:30 if possible as we like to start on time. Feel free to arrive as early as 10:00 to settle in and chat. The link below will allow you to register for this event through this website. To find more information about this group and its past sessions we invite you to visit Janet's page on (joining Meetup is free and no-hassle but you DO NOT have to become a member of to attend the group).

NEW: Please note that for this particular Meetup I will need to turn off my phone in order to remain in frequency with the Higher Self energy stream. As a result, I will not be able to buzz you into the building if you arrive AFTER 10:30 am. I'm sorry for any inconvenience this may cause. PLEASE MAKE EVERY EFFORT TO ARRIVE ON TIME OR YOU WILL NOT BE ABLE TO ATTEND THE SESSION. 

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DATE: January, 13th Wednesday
EVENT:  Higher Self Voice Radio
TIME:  10:00am to 12:00pm (PST)
LOCATION:  Blog Talk Radio

Tune into this fascinating show and start taking charge of your life as Janet Richmond leads listeners through individual healings to help Neutralize the negative in their lives. This is an amazing opportunity to call in and receive personal one-on-one help to begin unclogging the areas of your life that continually resist change. Even listening to someone else's healing will take you through the same transformative experience as the person it's directed toward.

Call into the show at 646-668-8565 to request a reading or healing. Can't call during a show? Email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. and she will happily address your request during the next show.

Listen live on BlogTalkRadio here
Access the archived podcast here